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Mummy and Me | February 2017


It was half term this month, which meant we got to spend more time together as a little trio. Parker loved having his big sister at home, and Indie loved being able to play with all of her toys whenever she wanted.

We had plenty of adventures too! Soft play, cinema dates, plenty of time at the park and of course cosy days at home too. I love having both of them at home - not only because it's lovely to spend time as a family, but because it's actually a lot easier! They entertain each other making simple tasks are a lot easier.

I love this month's collection of photos. Jack managed to capture so many candid photos that I adore. They're all on the 'proper' camera too, so the quality of them is soo much better than a selfie (although I took plenty of those this month too!).


  1. Beautiful photos Emily! Love the one of you carrying the bike as well, definitely sums up parenting!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love that we see you in them too as us mummy's always seem to be the ones behind the camera!

  3. Gorgeous photos, love the shot of you and Indie on the tree trunk! Haven't heard of this linky before but what a lovely way to make sure us Mumma's actually get photos with the little ones!

  4. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family. Love the holidays as you and the little ones can set off on an adventure

  5. These are lovely! I need to have more photos taken with me in them, there are barely any apart from selfies x

  6. Such beautiful photos. I seriously need to train John up !! I agree with it being easier with two at home, even with P so young for me he is just much more content watching Noah rally around.


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