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Waking up Thursday morning I could have sworn it was Friday. Apparently the week has got that slow. I have no idea why though, as we've been pretty busy! A trip to London, Mother's Day, lots of garden fun and the last day of preschool.

Here's this week's little loves...


If you've never read Amber's blog (Meet the Wildes) before, you are honestly missing out. She writes so beautifully, and shares the most amazing pictures. Her reviews are more like stories, and are just so lovely to read. Her latest review in collaboration with Medela is worth reading, even if you're not interested in the products!


We hopped on a train bright and early Saturday morning, to watch Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience. It certainly was an experience! Absolutely fantastic for kids (my two were mesmerised from the beginning)... but I'm certainly not in a rush to see Peppa's face that big again!


I fiiiinally watched Moana this week - the littles were with me of course, although I would happily watch it by myself too! I've had the soundtrack stuck in my head since. Thank goodness for youtube so we can listen to it whenever we like.


Indie made her very first Easter Bonnet at preschool this week! We're off to her little parade this morning so I don't have any pictures just yet. Make sure you follow on Insta though as I'll probably post one over there.


I know every blogger seems to have this floral blouse.. but I just couldn't resist it when I saw it on the Zara website! Isn't it just so pretty and spring-like? I'm already on the hunt for more in a similar style - if you know of any please let me know!

Indie also wore this lovely turquoise bow on our trip to London - I love how it matches her top perfectly! We were so happy to be sent a surprise box from Pretty Little Isla - Indie has loved picking a different one every morning.

And Lastly...

Today is a very exciting day, as my sister is being induced! I'm her second birth partner (all going to plan), and I'm so, so, sooo excited. She was there for us when Parker was born, so I'm thrilled she wants me to be there for her. And who doesn't love newborn baby squishes? Wish her luck!!

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Wow what a great week. I have been thinking of taking my youngest two to the Peppa Pig Cinema showing but I am not sure I can deal with being enclosed with that many excited toddlers my two are a handful in the lounge with Peppa :) I bet the Easter bonnet looks fab and congratulations on your new niece or nephew and of course to your sister once baby arrives.

  2. Loooooove Moana! Such awesome songs. That shirt is SO pretty. Primark have some similar, and I think ASOS and New Look do too (can you tell I've been searching??). Ooh, good luck to your sister, hope all goes well! Hopefully you'll have an awesome weekend meeting a new little one x #LittleLoves

  3. A busy week, but sounds like you had a lot fun!

    I've still yet to watch Moana! The Zara top is super spring-y - love it! And good luck + well wishes to your sister for today!

  4. Ahhh, Moana is awesome! I think it's overtaken Frozen as my son's favourite film. We watch it most days and I'm not quite sick of it yet.

  5. I was reading your post with the 5 year old sat next to me, needless to say we ended up watching the Moana video then heading over to youtube for the rest of them, he loves it! Love that top, definitely very spring like. Hope your sister and your little niece or nephew are doing ok x

  6. I love Indie's top! Eeeeek how exciting about your baby niece? I know she's been born now but still equally exciting. I would love to be someones birth partner to see it from the other side #littleloves

  7. Oh Moana is fantastic isn't it? My girls and I loved it so much. My youngest girl would have loved to see Peppa on the big screen a few years ago.. I must say I'm relieved the I don't have to put up with that piggy anymore, haha!
    Love your top. I always forget to look at Zara xx

  8. I love that Zara blouse!!! And I really love Moana. My 3 year old would be beside herself if she saw Peppa Pig at the cinema. She is obsessed! xx

  9. That blouse from Zara is gorgeous!!!! Love the face paint last photo it's a framer. Sounds like you have had a great time with Peppa Pig my littlest would love this. I haven't seen Moana but everyone is raving about it too. So sorry for the late comment I am playing catch up on today's and last weeks #littleloves. Better late than never I hope! Happy Weekend.


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