Watching Trains, Mother's Day Gifts & A Busy Weekend | #LittleLoves


Oh Spring... when will you decide to make an appearance and actually stick around? The weather has been pretty rubbish this week, meaning it hasn't been very exciting. It's also been overshadowed by more sadness in this world. But I don't want dwell too much on the negative, so here's this week's Little Loves...


I haven't actually read much this week. Of course I've read plenty of blog posts, but nothing I can really pin point. I did read that One Born Every Minute is back on soon though... who else will be watching?


I know this is a rubbish link for this week, but I'm going with it! Wrapped up in coats, hats and wellies (come on weather, it's almost April!), I took the littles for a loooong walk on Monday. We discovered a park I never even knew existed, and had it all to ourselves. Even better it was right next to a field with horses, and you could watch the trains go by - We watched them for absolutely ages; I've never seen Parker so happy!


Can you believe I still haven't got my hands on Ed Sheeran's new album? I have been listening to a few of the tracks this week though, and I've loved them all so far. This one is my new favourite!


Picking Indie up from preschool on Wednesday, I was presented with my first little Mother's Day present and the sweetest "happy Mother's day mummy". She was SO proud of it and told me about every sticker on our walk home.


I thought I could finally post about some of the new Spring clothing I bought a few weeks ago, but it's still not warm enough! So here's Parker rocking Batman and a tutu... a winning combination right?

And Lastly...

We've got a fully packed weekend planned, with Mother's Day on Sunday and a day in London tomorrow. We're off to see Peppa Pig at the cinema (the things we do for our little ones huh?), and then I think we're heading to the museums. I'll admit I am worried after this week, but we're not going to let it ruin our fun!

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Have fun watching Peppa. I'm so over this rubbish dull weather too. I was all geared for no coats now its yuck. Loving the tutu x #littleloves

  2. Love Parker's style, haha! I have to admit that Ed Sheeran is growing on me- I've been resisting but his songs are just so bloody catchy! #LittleLoves

  3. How cute is Parker in that pic! What a lovely Mother's Day pressie too. My little one has been making me cards - he keeps drawing dinosaurs then writing my name above them - not sure if he's trying to tell me I'm a dinosaur to be honest! Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned, have fun! x

  4. Love Parker wearing the tutu, totally works! Looks like they had fun at the park, looks like a really nice one - wish we had ones like that here. Enjoy your mother's day xx

  5. It is so much fun discovering a new park, especially when it is suitable for the right age of kids you have. Some around me are utterly useless but more money is being invested which is good news. Tutu and Batman, totally works :)
    Enjoy Peppa Pig!

  6. I hope you are having an awesome weekend - Batman is rocking that tutu!! x

  7. Oh Parker you cool dude!! That's one of my fave song from Ed Sheeran's new album too it's great <3 OBEM is coming back!?! Yesssss. Let the broodyness commence haha xx #littleloves

  8. That park looks fab, and even better that you had it to yourselves!
    Hope you had a good weekend xx

  9. I love love love the Ed Sheeran 'Galway Girl' song too and only heard it for the first time the other day (on the radio). First time seeing the video on your brilliant blog :) x


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