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How is another week of the Easter holidays over already? Although it feels as if Indie has been off of preschool forever, I just don't feel like we've had enough time to fit things in. And with the weather finally getting it right (I hope I haven't jinxed it), I really don't want the holidays to end.

Thankfully we've still got lots of fun to fit in before we're back to the routine! Jack's now off of work for over a week and we're off on holiday today. So apologies for the up-coming holiday spam over on instagram...


I loved this post from Kerry Conway. She talks about how she's not lucky to have certain things, it's because she's worked hard for them. And I often think the same when people say the same to me.

We work hard for what we've got (this one especially refers to opportunities through this blog). My two are the way they are because of how we raise them, etc... And we really shouldn't feel guilty for that.


Indiana had her preschool boosters this week, so I had to 'watch' her get them done (sorry for the terrible link). She was so brave, and despite a few tears it was nothing some chocolate couldn't cure. Parker was very concerned though and wanted to hold her hand most of the way home.


My two are obsessed with the Little Baby Bum videos, and now Indie has taken to singing them around the house too. Send help!


With the weather turning a little chillier on Wednesday, I thought it was perfect timing to bring out the little's Easter Basket. It was a huuuuge hit and the activities kept them amused for a good few hours.

There was painting, sticking, and colouring. But I think they enjoyed the wind-up toys the most! So much so they've been packed in Indie's Trunki to play with while we're away.


The weather last weekend was glorious; and if you read my previous post you'll know we spent our Saturday at the seaside. I wore my sunglasses for the first time this year, and it felt sooo good. Roll on more sunny days!

And Lastly...

We're currently on our second Butlin's Ambassador holiday - this year in Minehead - and have planned to stay around the area for a couple of days after our visit. So if you have any suggestions of where to visit around Minehead / Somerset, let me know!

Have a lovely week :)


  1. The weather was gorgeous last weekend wasn't it? It felt so good to have the sun out! How cute was Parker wanting to hold Indiana's hand! I hate watching the children get vaccinated! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.. Popping over from #littlelove xx

  2. Enjoy your holiday, fingers crossed for the weather! Your two look so gorgeous in that photo, they are pretty much identical aren't they?! The Easter basket looks fantastic, I'm never organised enough. Enjoy your Easter weekend xx

  3. Aww how cute is Parker holding Indie's hand after her jabs! Your Easter basket sounds like fun, I had planned on doing something similar for my 5 year old although illness got the better of me. Hopefully I can be a bit more organised next week as he's still off. Have a lovely time at Butlins x

  4. I hope you're enjoying (have enjoyed?) your holiday at Butlins. We were Butlins Ambassadors 3 years ago and my youngest girl still talks about our holiday there. She adored it! xx

  5. Parker is so cute holding her hand! I'm glad the injections weren't too bad. I hope you're having fun on your Butlins holiday. I used to love going to Butlins when I was younger. I love your easter crafts and basket. What a great idea!!! xx #littleloves


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