Fun in the Sun at Eastbourne Beach


Living in Kent, we are lucky to have so many lovely seaside towns on our doorstep. So when we heard the sun was going to shine last weekend, we knew we had to visit one! As we usual head to Brighton or Hastings (and knowing how busy these can be), we decided on Eastbourne instead.

Eastbourne is just 44 miles south of the M25, and is easily accessible. Parking is sooo much easier than Brighton and Hastings, and a lot cheaper too. We managed to find a spot along the seafront (right in the middle!) and parking for the whole day was just £4. 

We stuck to the main resort beach and pier, but Eastbourne does have more than 3 miles of vast shingle beaches - some with rock pooling opportunities at low tide. Most of the beaches are pebble, but you will find the occasionally sandy patch.

There was so much fun in the sun to be had, and we had a truly British day out. We wandered along the promenade, taking in all the sites (including the famous bandstand) while we waited for the fog to lift. Of course the main attraction for the littles was the beach and the sea though!

The weather may have been glorious, but the sea was freeeezing. That didn't stop them though, and with socks and shoes off they went in for a paddle. Parker enjoyed it a little bit too much and got a little carried away with his stone throwing, resulting in a very soggy bum. It was then a struggle to get them both to leave - but at least it proved they were having fun!


The main resort beach is fantastic offering "the safest bathing with lifeguards, first aid, a kids wristband scheme and swimming only zones. Plus a variety of cafes, toilets, showers, deckchairs, sun loungers and beach huts available to hire". 

After the beach we went in search of a seaside lunch... fish and chips of course! We couldn't find a restaurant so ended up eating it on a picnic bench along the pier. I think this just added to the charm of the day though - and the littles loved shooing the seagulls when they got too close.

After penny machines and a quick trip into the town centre (because who can resist a Primark?), we ended the day with ice creams on the beach. It was a perfect way to end our day in Eastbourne. And yes, it really was a truly British day out... I'm still sunburnt!


  1. Aww look at his little legs in the sea, I love that photo of them. You look like you had such a gorgeous time and you really are so lucky to have so many beautiful beaches on your doorstep, how gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures x

  2. These are such lovely photos and such lush weather. Typing this comment whilst listening to torrential rain!! Love the photo of Indi lifting up the dress by the water, adorable!!xx

  3. Aw it looks like you had a really lovely family day out. We live 'up North' and I've been longing to head to the south/south east for some seaside fun for ages!

  4. My hubby is from Hastings and we've visited both when we travel back. I'd love to spend more seaside days #MyFamilyAdventures


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