Living Arrows // 14/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

I absolutely adore this picture of Parker. He loves nothing more than playing in his big sister's bed when she's not there (don't tell Indie though, she's not so happy about it!). 

It was Indie very first Easter Bonnet parade last Friday. Thankfully they made them at preschool so I didn't need to though! She was so happy posing with it on at home, but the second we met all of her friends and teachers she turned incredibly shy. I know she secretly loved it though!

Living Arrows


  1. They both look so happy! Loving Parker's jumper by the way. #LivingArrows

  2. What happy little children you have :) beautiful! #livingarrows

  3. That's a gorgeous photo of Parker. Holly does exactly this on her big sisters bed, they are so funny aren't they? Ah I love her Easter Bonnet, I had to make my girls ones!!! #LivingArrows

  4. Parker has that look of utter glee on his face that only comes from doing something you know your sibling would not approve of! love it x

  5. Indie looks so cute in her bonnet! The schools here don't really do Easter, such a shame! And Parker looks so ecstatically happy on her bed - what a little terror! :) x

  6. I love these - your kids are just too cute. They both have the best smiles! #LivingArrows


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