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Moving from one country to another is a big change. It can be a rather challenging experience both physically and mentally, and it can be even more difficult when the whole family (especially children) are involved. Something to always keep in mind in these cases is to remain organised through every aspect of your move.

The most stressful part of a move is believed to be the packing and the shipping of all your belongings. Luckily nowadays there are companies like Blissmoving that can make the actual move easier and more organised by providing by providing stress-free international removals. Leaving you to consider your child/children’s feelings regarding the big change they are going to undertake.

Here are some tips on how to keep everyone happy and on board with the decision:

Get involved in your children's feelings 

In order to help the emotionally taxing moving process with children, it is very important to keep them involved in every step of the way. You should start by always asking them what are their feelings about the move, and really listen to them.

It is important that they should feel like their opinions and fears are being heard. Sometimes even the best-meaning parent is capable of ignoring their child’s feelings in times of stress. This will only make the situation worse. It is very important for you to be there emotionally.

Keep them involved 

Also, an important aspect is to build excitement for the move. That could be packing their belongings, choosing the house together, or choosing furniture. Sometimes even giving them the freedom to choose most of their bedroom furniture for example, could be a good step to enable them to accept the new environment. Something else you could also try is facilitating their learning about the culture of the country you are moving to.

Of course every child is different, and every age too, therefore you will have to treat each child differently. But by following these simple, and short tips you will be able to get an almost stress-free move, with the help of the entire family.

Just remember that moving to another country can also be beneficial for your children's growth. They might even catch a little excitement once everyone is on board. Never underestimate how understanding your children could be!

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