Mummy and Me | April 2017


April was full of so many mummy and me pictures, I actually struggled picking which ones I wanted to share! With Indie off for 3 weeks over the Easter break, and Jack home too, I grabbed every opportunity I could.

Indie has become my little photo buddy, and was even asking to take them when we were in Butlin's. Parker is probably less keen, but I think he goes along with it for now, poor thing. These were snapped in front of Longleat House, and although neither of them are looking I actually really like them.

We've had so many lovely moments this month, and I think it's definitely down to our holiday. Spending time together a family just lifts my mood so much - if only Jack was always home. Parker is still his clingy little self, but now clambers to give me kisses and cuddles. And he's learnt to properly say 'love youuuu' which he shouts at us all throughout the day.

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  1. These are such great photo's! You are looking really well Emily <3 #MummyandMe


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