Postpartum Hair Loss Tips & Tricks


Postpartum hair loss. It's one of those things that you don't even consider when you get pregnant. Why would you? But it's actually very common.

It's something I have personally suffered with after both of my children; especially my second as I don't think my hair ever fully recovered (we have a small age gap). It's only now my youngest is 20 months my hair is going 'back to normal'... yay!

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Why does it Happen?

During pregnancy your levels of oestrogen increase, which increases the growth phase of your hair - This means that hair that would normally fall out remains for longer, resulting in thicker looking hair. But once your baby is born your hormones start to return to normal, which means the hair cycle does too.

It may appear you're loosing lots of hair at once, but it's just because you're losing those extra hairs too. Thankfully though you should see things to return to normal around 6-12 months after birth. Although be prepared for the regrowth, I found this was worse than the hair loss!

How can you Help?

There are a number of things you can do to help! I have a few tips of my own, and have asked my fellow bloggers who have also suffered to share too.

  • Handle your hair gently - avoid over brushing or putting your hair up too tight. "The only thing I could do was switch my parting around to hide it better. I also used very moisturising shampoos and conditioners to help with dryness and tangles so it didn't break and lose more" - Sarah 
  • Linked with the point above, try to avoid using too much heat on your hair - air dry your hair instead of using hairdryers and avoid using hair straighteners too.

  • "Learn to style your hair to hide the receeding bits on the side, a nice swept over fringe will do it! Oh and don't be tempted to cut the wispy bits when they grow back and are sticking out at right angles; a very very short term gain for one night is not worth starting from scratch again!"  - Hayley
  • Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet and keep hydrated. Vitamins A, B and C have all been linked to healthy hair!
  • Lots of women find getting their hair cut shorter helps too. "I had my hair lopped off into a bob and it was so much more manageable for me!" - Emma
And not necessary something to help with the loss, but Jade made a very good point - make sure to clean your plughole regularly, otherwise they may get blocked!

If you believe your hair loss isn't returning to normal after your baby is over a year, there are other routes you can take. A hair transplant is obviously not the first step, but may be something to consider. But of course do visit your doctors first.

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  1. Such a good post to know you're not alone, I had never heard of this before I had Noah and not one antenatal class spoke about it. I thought there was something majorly wrong, mine is now FINALLY growing back after Patrick.

  2. YES, Love this. I am 3 months PP with my third child and the hair loss is driving me CRAZY. Nice to know i'm not alone and awesome to get some ideas on how to help.


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