Pretty Little Liars, Trains & a Primark Haul | #LittleLoves


I almost forgot to write this week's #littleloves post again; I just don't know where the days go! It's been a relatively quiet week for us though, as we settled back into our routine after the Easter break and our holiday.

So here's this week's #littleloves...


I've read some absolutely amazing posts from my fellow bloggers this week.

Alex's (Lamb and Bear) post really hit home with me. If you had a baby, or even a toddler, who didn't sleep and was very demanding, you probably will too. Life with little ones is amazing, but it really is all consuming.

One of my favourite bloggers is Amber (Meet the Wildes). Her writing is stunning, and the pictures she puts alongside the posts are simply beautiful. I could link so many of her posts, but her one this week about her postpartum body was just incredible. Read it!!


I'm a little late to the party, but I am craaaazy excited that Pretty Little Liars is back. It's been absolutely mad for a few seasons, and honestly I'm still a little confused, but I love it. Anyone have any guesses how it's going to end? I'm lost!

I also watched Indiana and Parker with their cousin - they are still totally mesmerised by her! How sweet is this photo I managed to snap?


Who else listened to Kate and Wills interview on Radio One? We had no idea they were on, so were so confused when we turned the radio on. It was actually really funny though, and you could just tell how down to earth and 'normal' they are. 


It's all about trains with Parker at the moment.. well, any vehicle really! We made lots of train tracks this week, which he then actually sat and played with for aaaages. He's not one to sit and actually play so it was really lovely to watch.

I'm planning on making some yummy chocolate eggs with the littles tomorrow (better late than never hey?). Wish me luck!


We're going away again in a couple of weeks, so we did some serious summer clothes shopping last weekend. I filmed a little Primark haul and try on if you fancy seeing what I picked up.

And Lastly...

I'm really enjoying being back in our little routine now, as it makes the days so much easier. I'm still so excited for a three day weekend though! We're planning on hunting down bluebells and doing lots of baking. Fingers crossed the weather improves first though.


  1. Oh man. I'm so with you on PLL! I love it but never have any idea what on earth is going on! Haha
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. YAY for holidays - I hope you have a great time and I always go and buy a massive stash of stuff from Primark before a holiday. I watched Pretty Little Liars - and couldn't remember what happened in the last one. It's all so confusing and pretty much doom and gloom. I doubt there will ever be the happy ending that I'm hoping for! x

  3. I loved Amber's post too - such beautiful images and words to accompany them. We're off hunting bluebells this weekend too. Hope you have a lovely bank holiday!

  4. Oh love the primark haul. I need to go summer shopping so badly. Love the items you picked. I have watched PLL back to back and can't wait to start the new episodes just haven't had the time and peace to enjoy it. Happy bank holiday weekend #littleloves

  5. I love a good Primark Haul video! My little boy is obsessed with trains, he is forever building tracks for me to trip over! Have a wonderful weekend.. Popping over from #LittleLove

  6. Gotta love Primark! How teeny is that baby! You forget how small they really are when you have an unhinged 5 year old and a moody 15 year old stalking around the house. Love Parker's little train. My little one went through a trains phase, then it was cars and now dinosaurs. Hope you all have a lovely weekend x

  7. I love Amber's writing she really does have an amazing way with words

  8. Ohh I am off to watch your haul video, I need to get some bits for myself soon as my wardrobe is pretty empty! Loving Parker's train set, Zach is exactly the same! I've said it before, but I think our boys sound so similar to each other! xxx

  9. We are off to Spain in a few weeks and I desperately need to do a Primark haul! How cute is your neice!! #littleloves


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