Me and Mine | May 2017


How are we another month of the year down already? I honestly feel as if I'm writing these Me and Mine posts every week.. it's crazy! But what a wonderful month we had in May. Definitely made that much better by our family holiday to Ibiza, which I'm hoping I get chance to blog about at some point soon.

May also saw the sun make it's appearance, and my goodness was it beautiful! Arriving home from our holiday to sunshine and warmth, really made the holiday blues that much easier too. The littles have loved being able to play outside again. Having our own house now has made this weather that little bit more exciting too - a garden means playing out late, paddling pools and water play!

I love the pictures I managed to capture this month. I knew I wanted to take them on holiday, so armed with our tripod we wandered along the beachfront to find the perfect spot. I always wonder if people think we're strange, running back and forth from a tripod doing different poses (we did get some reps laughing at us, but they said we looked sweet). I'm so glad we do it though. We may look silly for 5 minutes, but we have wonderful memories of a lovely holiday captured forever!

The holiday did come with it's problems though. Both littles were ill (Parker while there and Indie the day we arrived home), and we're having troubles with Indie's sleep too. I think having Jack at home with us so much during May has also confused P a little bit. He's definitely more upset when Jack leaves now, as he's so used to having him home.

Hopefully we'll get through all these problems in June, and have a month that's just as exciting as May. Fingers crossed this lovely weather sticks around too!


  1. Wow, what a view! These pics are gorgeous lovely. Can't wait to read all about your holiday. I hope normal sleep resumes soon for you xx

  2. Such great family pictures from your holiday. Lovely to have captured these. Ibiza looks really nice. I've never been. #meandmineproject

  3. I love the fun in your photos. Gorgeous beach shots. I would love to rein-act the photo of you holding the children up but sadly I am not sure it would work with just the three of us. I hope you have a lovely month of June x #meandmineproject

  4. Ahh these are so gorgeous my favorite snaps this month. That view wow stunning too. #meandmineproject


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