Mummy and Me | May 2017


What a wonderful month May was. Full of family days out, sunshine and fun! We also headed off on our summer holiday this month, where I managed to capture so many snaps of my and my two (thanks instahusband!).

This holiday really made me notice how big my two are getting now. Parker is not the little baby I imagine him to be anymore. But a little boy - full of cheekiness, fire and imagination. And our beautiful big girl Indie surprises me daily with her knowledge and sassiness.

Our holiday to Ibiza was just what we all needed. Time to enjoy each others company. To soak in our family dynamic and just enjoy each other - with no routines, nowhere else to be and most importantly no rain!!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Oh there some gorgeous pictures, I love seeing your holiday pictures. They give me holiday envy!

  2. Such beautiful photo's as ever! I can't believe how quickly Parker is growing! #MummyAndMe x

  3. Aww these are so lovely and sunshiny and smiley :) #MummyAndMe


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