Father's Day at Nymans | Days Out with The National Trust


I know everyone's been saying it, but my goodness wasn't the weekend hot? We made the most of the glorious sunshine, and headed to a National Trust property (obviously!), for a Father's Day day out. Jack was in charge of location, as Father's Day was of course all about him, and we ended up at Nymans.

Nymans is one of the National Trust's premier gardens, and was a country retreat for the Messel family. Located just off the London to Brighton M23 / A23, it was probably the easiest properties we've driven to from Kent!

So armed with our picnic and plenty of suncream, we arrived to an already heaving Nymans. There unfortunately wasn't anything special on for Father's Day, but it was probably too hot to do too much anyway! We picked up a children's 'eye spy' quiz from the Hub, and slowly made our way through the park.

I think the pictures really do the talking when it comes to our day. The sun was shining, making it a perfect day for exploring. We stopped on the main lawn for our picnic - clearly a popular spot as there were already so many families doing the same. Some were even prepared with outdoor games and activities (something we really need to remember next time).

Relaxing didn't last long (it never does with a toddler who doesn't sit still), so most of our day was spent discovering hidden gems around the park. The littles loved the stepping stones and seats made out of wood, and the bamboo 'jungle' was perfect for hiding away from the midday sun!

We had the pushchair with us so avoided the woodlands (the rest of the park is flat though), and as usual didn't make it into the house. But there was still so much to keep us busy. Although if I'm honest, we did spend most of our time hiding from the sun. It was just a liiiiittle bit too hot!

I know we'll definitely be heading back though - especially as we didn't get a chance to try out the cakes in the cafe!


  1. You have such beautiful NT properties near you! So jealous. I need to get out and explore the NT near us :) looks like you had a lovely day and beautiful photos too! ox

  2. I actually recognised one of the photos from Instagram and I was really curious about where you were. Then I read this blog and all was revealed! Great photos and it looks like a superb day out.

  3. This looks so lovely! I'm a big fan of the national trust. It's so nice to explore somewhere with little ones, even if you've been before you see it through their eyes and it makes it more special. You've inspired me to get out with them and visit more places now the summer is here! x

  4. Love this place. It's been too long since we last went

  5. looks like a stunning place! so many fun places to climb and run around, Im saving up all our adventures for when the summer holiday gets here!

  6. What a glorious day out at A National Trust Park. The grounds look splendid and beautiful weather had.


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