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Despite always saying we needed to do it less, we absolutely love eating out as a family. So when Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) invited us to their newly opened Maidstone branch, how could we say no?

Opened a few weeks ago, the new GBK restaurant is located in the Lockmeadow Leisure Complex in Barker Road. It's not somewhere we've ever visited as a family, so we were excited to see what they had to offer!

The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated; spacious, light and with a lovely atmosphere. We both loved the scrabble letters dotted around - they even flow into the toilets so they really thought of everything. The kitchen and bar area are visible, and the littles loved watching them whizz up the milkshakes and seeing what they were up to.

All the staff were friendly and helpful, and without having to ask the littles were given colouring sheets and crayons. I always appreciate when a restaurant does this, as it really does make that wait for food easier!

We were also offered a fab little menu sheet where we could write our order (you order at the bar). This is such a clever idea, as I'm always forgetting what we all want by the time we're served. Ordering at the bar also gave us plenty of time to decide on what we wanted, without worrying we were either annoying the waiters or being rushed.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is of course renowned for it's burgers, but I definitely wasn't expecting just how much choice there would be on the menu. Of course you can get your regular burgers, but they also offer a whole range of specialty options too. Sides are then ordered separately so you can build the perfect meal for you!

The children's menu was pretty basic, but meant it was suitable for our two. I would like to maybe see a bigger and smaller option, as my two (aged 3 and 1) were probably a bit too little for the menu still. Controversial but I think it would be good to maybe add a non burger option too, as I know not every little one actually eats them.

For a starter Jack ordered the Chilli Fried Chicken Bites. (£4.65) These arrived really quickly and were really nicely presented. They were tasty and thankfully not too hot (I didn't try the sauce though!), the only gripe I would say is that I'd have liked more in a serving!

We ordered the littles chicken burgers with skinny fries, and they both decided they wanted strawberry milkshakes. Normally we'd say no, but as these came as standard with the children's menu, we thought we'd let them have a little treat. The children's menu is £6.95 and includes the burger, side and drink.

As I mentioned above the portions are huge, and we'd definitely order them one to share in the future. Saying that though, both of them gave the meal a good go. They loved the skinny fries - I think they thought they were baby chips as they were so small. The burgers didn't go down as well.. although they did eat the bun and the chicken separately so it wasn't because of how it tasted!

Jack is a huge burger fan, so I think he was probably the most excited about our visit. He went for The Mighty - "two 6oz patties, mature Cheddar, crispy bacon, garlic mayo, relish, and a dill pickle, £12.60" - it was huge! He then ordered sweet potato fries on the side, which came with baconnaise (bacon mayo), so he was very happy.

He said: "The food was really good and flavourful. I loved that they asked how I wanted it cooked, so it was made perfectly for me. There was a good bun to burger ratio, and the bun didn't fall apart, which is a bonus. They could have maybe mixed it up by adding toppings between the burgers, but overall I was really impressed."

When I ordered my food, I didn't think there would actually be enough.. but my goodness was I proven wrong! I went for the regular chicken burger, panko crumbed and fried, £8.85 (you could have it just flame grilled instead), with a side of sweet potato fries, £4.15.

My burger was absolutely huge - the chicken was so big it was hanging out of the bun! It was really tasty though, and I loved the house relish they used. There was no way I could have finished it all though, so that's maybe something to bare in mind if you want to order starters.

The desserts on offer weren't really anything that interested us, which was a shame. Luckily I was completely full though, so it wasn't a problem. Jack however decided to go for a peanut butter milkshake (£4.95), as GBK is also well known for these.

Made with real dairy ice cream fresh to order, they really did look good. Jack's already said he wants another, so I think it was good! The bonus was that you could also get them to takeaway, so you can enjoy it on the go too.

We were really impressed with our visit to GBK Maidstone. The restaurant is lovely, the staff were attentive and friendly, and the food was oh so good. I would love to see a smaller menu for the really little ones, but overall we really enjoyed our visit.

The restaurant is open 11am - 10pm Monday to Sunday, and 11am - 11pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Disclosure - We received a complementary meal in exchange for our review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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