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This week has been a bit of a boring one for us. Indie was back at preschool, and I had lots of bloggy / youtube stuff to catch up on, so honestly we didn't really go out and do much. Throw a teething toddler into the mix, and I can honestly say I'm glad the weekend is here (Jack's off today, which definitely makes it the weekend!).

So here's my #littleloves from this quiet week...


Everything I've read this week has been about the Election on Thursday. People screaming (well.. CAPS LOCKING) their opinions all over social media. Shouting down those who don't agree with them. Honestly it's been awful! I of course think voting is important, but isn't the whole point that it's meant to be private? I have my opinion. You have yours. Simple!


We surprised the littles with a trip to Little Street in Maidstone on Saturday. Indie's face was an absolute picture when she realised, and they had the best time. It was lovely to watch them play and interact, especially with Jack there as he couldn't come the first time around.

We of course watched the One Love concert on Sunday night. And oh my goodness, how amazing and emotional was it to watch? All of those artists and people coming together, showing the good that's in this world. Arianna Grande was fantastic; how she kept it together I don't know! The minute the school choir came on I was in tears.. so, so emotional.


I've not actually listened to much music this week. We've had Ed Sheeran's new album on in the car though, so I'm fast becoming a bit obsessed with it!


Parker and I 'made' our way to the Polling Station to vote on Thursday! I've only ever done postal votes before as I thought it would be tricky with a little one, but it was soo easy. I'm writing this on Thursday evening, so I have no idea how the polls went yet. But I've got everything crossed!


Before the sun decided to disappear on Monday, I've loved dressing Indie all summery. This playsuit although highly unpractical (I think playsuits are such a faff whatever age.. especially when going to the loo!), is so cute.

I hardly go on Baby Gap as the prices are usually crazy, but this was a little sale bargain. Oh and how sweet is her 'Elsa' hair? Jack's getting really good at doing it now!

And Lastly...

We are currently in the middle of some reeeeeaaally exciting plans. I've wanted to take the littles to Disney for AGES, but it's just never been the right time. I finally decided I couldn't wait any longer though, and we've decided to go next year! So if you have any tips and advice send it all my way :)

Have a lovely week :)

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  1. Ah, lovely Ed Sheeran! He's my son's favourite - Thinking Out Loud always settled him (eventually) as a newborn and Shape of You is his favourite song. I put Carpool Karaoke on for him yesterday and loved it <3 So jealous of Disneyland! One day...

  2. How exciting about Disney, I can't wait to take my boys to Florida but we're going to wait until G is old enough to go on the rides, I'm not sure how much fun he had in Paris spending most of his time sat in the buggy! xx

  3. Couldn't agree more with your comment about the election. I am SO desperate to take Parker to Florida, but not for a few more years yet. I've never actually been! I watched all of your Ibiza vlogs and it made me realise how much we needed some time away - we've booked Sensatori Tenerife! I'm beyond excited. Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. Are you going to Florida or Paris? Disney is so exciting. We're going to Disneyland Paris for the third time this year and I can't contain my excitement. I love Ed Sheeran. Thanks for joining in this week lovely x #littleloves


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