Me and Mine | June 2017


What a wonderful month we've had in June. Plenty of glorious sunshine, exploring lots of new places, a fun-filled half term and a sunny Father's Day - where we actually captured this month's Me and Mine photos!

Although I think I complained every day about the heat (it's the British thing to do right?), it was oh so welcome. It gave me the motivation to get out and about more with Parker on preschool days, something that I think has benefited the both of us. It's also meant our NT passes have got a lot more use, as where else is better to go on a beautiful sunny day?

We are unfortunately still struggling with the littles sleep, although I think we've finally realised our black out blind just isn't cutting it! So if anyone has any suggestions on what to do, we'd love you forever if you sent them our way.

With June now over, we're entering the last month of Parker being one. A milestone that makes me far too emotional to think about. I remember writing this post for his first birthday last year, and I honestly think I'm going to be just as emotional this year. I don't know what it is that makes me want to treasure his babyness (not that he's in anyway a baby anymore) that much more.

Although saying that, I'd love to keep both of my two little forever, please and thank you!

Who knows what July has in store for us, but I'm hoping it involves lots more sunshine, lots more family days out, and hopefully lots more sleep from our cheeky pair. Whatever it is, I cannot wait to find out!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. These photos are just gorgeous

  2. I love these photos Emily, you all look so happy. You can't beat NT, we have been using our passes a lot lately too. I've tried several blackout blinds over the years and the only ones that have worked for us are Hilary blinds. A bit more expensive, but the girls rooms are totally dark even in the middle of the day for Holly's naps. x

  3. Lovely photos and I agree even though it was too hot at times it definitely motivated me more than this rain! We have perfect fit black out blinds in the girls room, quite expensive but totally worth it for some sleep!

  4. Ahhh gorgeous photos!! Nightmare about the blinds though, we use black out curtains #MeandMineProject xx

  5. Aww, these are lovely pictures, you all look so smiley! They certainly are growing up quick though - it really doesn't seem long since we were pregnant and now our littles are going to be two soon! I'm quite happy to see Gabe grow up a bit though!! #MeandMine

  6. Gorgeous family photos - and next year there will be another little person in them!! In regards to blackout blinds, they don't make any difference to my kids - they are still up at the crack of dawn - if you find a solution let me know! xx


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