Living Arrows // 31/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

What a fantastic first week of the summer holidays we had! A couple of relaxing days, followed by three fun-filled busy ones and of course another busy weekend. I'm hoping every week stays like this, as I think it's been the perfect balance.

On Thursday it was back to London, but this time with both littles in tow. We were invited to the fantastic Baby Bootcamp event with Graco and Babycentre - learning lots about life with a newborn, as well as testing out some of the lovely Graco products.

Once the event was finished I thought I'd be rushing straight back to the station. But I battled my anxieties and took the littles to Covent Garden, for a bit of food and entertainment - you can always rely on Covent Garden for both! They have some beautiful flower arrangements on show there at the moment, so of course I got Indie to pose for me. I was just gutted I couldn't get one of the three of us.

In a complete contrast to the summery vibes from Indiana's picture (I promise you it rained most of the week!), I just had to pick this one of Parker. Prepared with wellies and rain coats, we spent Sunday morning at Igtham Mote. They have a fantastic natural play area complete with stream, so of course we spent most of our time there.

Parker has always been drawn to water, so he was in his element splashing, jumping and playing in the stream. He kept finding the biggest rocks and stones and throwing them in too, giggling away as they splashed. I love the little explorer side he's developed this year!

Living Arrows


  1. Such lovely photos of them both, and they seem to sum up this summer so far, sunny one day and then raining the next! The natural play area at Ightham Mote sounds like such fun, I can see why Parker enjoyed it so much! x #LivingArrows

  2. I've seen that bit of Covent Garden featured in so many photos lately and I can totally see why - it's stunning! Such a fun filled photo of it too. We've not been to Ightham Mote since having Max, and it sounds like he'd love that little play area! #LivingArrows

  3. It is lovely watching them explore isn't it. #LivingArrows

  4. Lovely photos. My Isla is always drawn to water too...even if it's just some water spilt from the watering can - her hands have to go in it!! #LivingArrows

  5. Water is the best thing for kids playing in. N still loves it at 6yo #livingarrows

  6. These photos represent the weather we are having at the moment perfectly.! I love that one of Indie x #LivingArrows

  7. What a brilliant shot of Indiana, both lovely photos. #LivingArrows

  8. They're both lovely photos - you're very brave taking both of them into London on your own, I don't think I'd manage it with my two! #LivingArrows


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