A Birthday Babymoon in The New Forest


The older I get, the less I care about or even want actual presents on my birthday. There's nothing I really want, and if there is I usually buy it for myself anyway! So for the last few years when Jack has asked me what I'd like, my answer is simple.

A day out.

Time together.

And maaaaybe a cheeky Lush bath bomb to really help me relax.

Last year he booked us tickets to the Harry Potter Studios and a night away. The most perfect gift, and one I didn't think could be topped. But then I discovered what he had planned for this year. And my goodness was I impressed!

A couple of days away - just the two of us - in The New Forest. The most beautiful hotel, no plans, and he even threw in the Lush bath bomb!

Being almost 19 weeks pregnant, and having two very energetic little ones already, the break was most definitely needed. Especially as it's the Summer holidays where there really isn't much chance of a break. 

We stayed at the lovely Eastclose Country Hotel, which provided the perfect base for exploring and of course, relaxing. Located close to Bournemouth, it gave us plenty of choice for getting out and about.

The day we arrived we drove down to Lymington - the absolute cutest little town! We sat on the marina, people watching for ages (a little favourite of ours to do), before grabbing a bite to eat at The Ship Inn. An absolute must if you are ever in the area!

We spent my birthday morning shopping.. obviously, before heading down to Bournemouth beach. The weather was glorious, and again we just sat and chatted on the beach for hours. It's amazing how much you can actually talk about when there's no little ones interrupting you! 

Our trip away went by in a flash. Despite it being the longest we've ever been away from the littles, and missing them like craaaazy.. I definitely think I could have (and would love to already!) stay for longer. Quality time as a couple is oh so important, and it really made me appreciate just how much I love spending time with Jack.

A massive thank you to Jack's parents for looking after the littles for us too. Grandparents really are the best!

You can watch a little vlog from our trip below!



  1. Awww looks like you had a lovely birthday out the way of the kids. But I do feel sad that I didn't see the kids in the video. Xxx

  2. Ahh, it looks and sounds like you had a lovely time!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Bournemouth is my favourite beach and the one I always go to xx

  4. such an instagrammable wallpaper. looks like you had a relaxed 2 days. we have never been away as a couple. *sob*


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