Mummy and Me | August 2017


With the Summer holidays almost over, it's been lovely to look back over all the adventures the littles and I have had for this month's Mummy and Me. Don't get me wrong, the days haven't all be something to celebrate, and most haven't been that exciting. But I've loved having these weeks to enjoy those little moments with them - especially the pjs days and sofa snuggles, of which there have been plenty!

This picture of Indie and I was taken in London, on Parker's 2nd birthday. She absolutely loves being in front of the camera these days, and even asks to takes pictures with me which is so lovely! She's thankfully got another year of preschool before school next year, so I know I've got to make the most of it.

This shot of Parker and I was taken by Jack when we visited Standen NT a few weeks ago. It was completely unposed and I just love it. He's got sooo big these last few months, but he'll never be too big for a mama snuggle (I hope)!


  1. Omg, the first and last pictures are so beautiful. They need framing! #MummyandMe

  2. I agree with Jenna, those photos are wonderful. Enjoy every moment x #MummyandMe

  3. Some gorgeous pictures. I love the snuggle days too. Thanks for linking up with #mummyandme x


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