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I'm so excited to be back rounding up my week with these #litteloves posts. Although that does mean that Summer is almost over - let's be honest, did any Summer weather actually turn up this holiday?

As it's been a few weeks I thought I'd do a little catch up of our Summer so far. We've celebrated Parker's second birthday, Jack and I had a mini trip away for my birthday, and we found out we're expecting another baby girl! Here's what else I've been loving this month...


I had such good intentions of reading while Jack and I were away, I packed a book in my bag especially! But when it came to it, I realised just how much I've fallen out of love with books. It's so sad as I have always been such a massive bookworm.

So if anyone has any suggestions of really good books to help me get back into it, I'd love to hear them!


Of course I have to mention Game of Thrones, because...WOW. How good has this series been so far? I was a little disappointed with last years, but every episode this season has had me hooked, and shouting at my TV frequently too! I'm actually gutted that it's the last episode on Monday.

A few weeks ago I braved the cinema with both littles on my own (well, with my sister and her 3 too). Was it probably a mad decision? Yes! But it definitely went better than I expected, and I really enjoyed Sing. 


As I mentioned above, we heard the amazing news that we are expecting another little girl! We decided to have an early scan a few weeks ago, and do a surprise gender reveal with all of our family. You can watch it here.


This week Jack and I made some rather exciting (but equally crazy) plans... we've finally booked our Disney trip! We're off to Paris next March with the littles, and of course baby girl who will be a few months old by then.

My mind is already a complete whirl of plans, but PLEASE send me any Disneyland Paris posts / videos you may have, I think I need all the advice I can get!


I am definitely at my most body confident when pregnant, and I've found it's the only time I want to be in front of the camera - especially by myself. I feel as if I've been stuck in stripes for weeeeeks though. But as much as I love a good stripe, they do get a bit boring when it's all you wear.

I finally got around to ordering some new maternity bits this week though, and I'm loving wearing them! The top in the picture below is from New Look and you wouldn't even know it was maternity.

And Lastly...

As it was such a big part of our Summer, I thought I'd use this section to share a snap from Parker's birthday. I'm still in complete denial that he's 2! He's grown so much these last few weeks though, and is really turning into such a little boy. We've even bought a potty for when that time arrives... eek!

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  1. I'm definately feeling more body confident with a bump too! You're looking really well. Sounds like you've had a great summer (despite the weather!) x #LittleLoves

  2. Disney planning... How exciting! So many lovely photos in this post - lots of joy of late!

  3. Yay for Disney! I've got a few posts on my blog about it but they might not be super helpful as obviously my children are older.
    Gorgeous pictures of you lovely! xx


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