Mummy and Me | September 2017


I actually had a few pictures to pick from this month, but I thought I'd go with the ones that best sum up the month of September. I think we've worn our coats and wellies more this month than any other September! Although if I'm honest, I'm not really complaining. I loveee snuggling up in my boots and scarf.

Jack took these pictures during our visit to Bodiam Castle last week. Both littles absolutely loved watching the ducks and trying to spot the fish in the moat. I was of course was right there with them though, as knowing Parker he was a step away from diving in himself!

This month has felt a lot different to August. Most likely because Indie's been back at preschool, and Parker's had more of me to himself. I've loved having more quality time with each of them though! Bump is now 24 weeks along, and kicking and wriggling away all day long.



  1. They're lovely shots and in such a nice location. Funnily enough we were only talking about Bodiam at the dinner table as we were there for my son's birthday last year #MummyandMe

  2. I love these shots and all the colour coordination going on! #mummyandme


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