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Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has settled back into the routine of school runs and early mornings okay, now that the holidays are over? I know I certainly have! And honestly, I've actually really enjoyed having some structure back in my week. So here's this week's little loves...


'That' Mumsnet thread.

I've written about my love for the Am I Being Unreasonable threads, and of course this one didn't disappoint. I just don't understand how these (I assume) women can be so awful about others. I do agree there needs to be more clarification on ads, but I think that's a whole bigger issue.


Jack's new job gives him an extra day off during the week now - I know, amazing right? With Indie now back at preschool, it means we get to spend some quality time with just Parker one morning a week. We took him to trampoline park on Wednesday, and it was oh so lovely. I of course sat and watched, but it was clear to see how much fun both of them had!


We 'heard' the news that baby bump is doing really well, at our scan last Friday. She followed in her monkey-like ways of the 12 week scan, by being all curled up and wiggling all over the place though. But we got there in the end, and it was sooo lovely to see her on the screen again.


After our failed attempt at reaching Pooh Bridge at the beginning of the year, we finally made it! The littles loved adventuring in the woods on the walk down - of course collecting as many Pooh Sticks as possible on the way. I loved sharing a little piece of my childhood with them, although I think Parker was a little disappointed there wasn't an actual Winnie the Pooh!


With the summer holidays over, it's back to preschool for Indie! She was SO excited to pop her jumper on on Monday, and happily posed away so I could capture the moment.

And Lastly...

Who else is already thinking about Christmas? I spent my Tuesday evening fighting to get tickets to see Father Christmas, at one of our local grottos. I thankfully was successful, but apparently they sold out within 15 minutes... I know I needed a lie-down after the whole experience!

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  1. A really beautiful family you got there. Wish you best of luck and hope those tickets of father christmas are worth the effort you had to go through to get them.

  2. That sleepsuit is so cute and Indie looks adorable on her first day of school. Parker looks so grown up too bless him. I keep meaning to take mine to our local trampoline park, we've not been before and I'm sure they'll love it. Hope you all have a good weekend x

  3. Love that flatlay on your scan so sweet. Making me way too broody. So great that you get one day a week with family bounding with p. That's awesome. They grow up way too quick don't they. Hope you had a lovely weekend #littleloves

  4. That sleepsuit is gorgeous, I love the print and colours.
    I know what you mean about the mumsnet thread, I just couldn't stop reading it. Some of the remarks were vile and so personal which overshadowed the important discussion around ads and transparency.
    Indie looks so cute in that picture and proud as punch to be in her preschool uniform.
    Have a lovely week! xx

  5. I'm glad everything was well with your scan. I'm hardly allowing to let myself think about Christmas because its just too exciting, especially with baby being due Jan 3rd. Bless Indie in her uniform, she looks super proud! x #LittleLoves


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