Living Arrows // 41/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

After being jealous of everyone's conker pictures recently, I was SO excited to find some on our trip to Emmetts Garden NT this weekend. The littles were just as excited, and we soon ended up with pockets full. Indie has even gone into preschool today with a few; so excited to show her teachers!

My picture of Parker this week was also taken at Emmetts Garden. It's a NT property we've never visited despite it being so close, and now I'm wondering why we've left it so long! There was so much to do there, and as you can see, Parker was very happy with the dress up outfits.

Living Arrows


  1. Oh such gorgeous picture ms of autumn childhood memories!

  2. We have so many conkers round here it seems strange that many others are struggling to find some. Lovely photo of the children #livingarows

  3. Ah, I love conkers and I love Emmett's Garden too! We either find loads of conkers or none, but so far this year Max's memory box is crammed full of them, along with acorns. I'm going to have to go through and filter some out to make room for more memories :) You have to visit Emmetts in spring to see the bluebells, they're beautiful!

  4. We have massively failed to find conkers this year, Alice is desperate to find some! Gorgeous photos x

  5. Oh we love National Trust and I am so jealous of your conkers!! We can't find any anywhere x

  6. We've got a great conker tree near our house - I think I was more excited than the boys though! It looks like Indie and Parker loved their day out :) #LivingArrows


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