Living Arrows // 44/52


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
Kahlil Gibran

Every week I'll be sharing a capture of my littles - either individually or together. To capture how they grow and change week by week.

What a wonderful half term week we've had! Apart from Friday (when we definitely needed a rest!), we were out and about everyday. Visiting London, soft play, my midwife, plenty of parks and of course we carved our pumpkins too.

On Monday Indie and I hopped on a train to London, for a morning of PJ Mask Halloween fun. Parker stayed at home with my mother in law, so Indie and I got to have a lovely mummy and Indie day. She's at such a brilliant age now, and it was so fun to enjoy the day just the two of us.

Parker didn't miss out on any fun this week though - he got to have a sleepover at nanny's house after all! The picture I'm sharing of him this week really makes me smile. Taken on Jack's day off at a local park, he was in his absolute element running wild and free. Just look at that cheeky smile!

Living Arrows


  1. A mummy and daughter day sounds fab, I love those precious times with my girls x

  2. Indie looks so grown up in that photo. Must have been nice having a mum and daughter day #livingarrows

  3. Oh it sounds like you had such a lovely half term - and the children clearly had a great time. The trip to London sounds perfect! x

  4. Lovely photos as always - they both look so happy :) Would you believe we watched PJ Masks for the first time ever this week?! #LivingArrows


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