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With the newborn bubble slowly fading and Lilah having longer periods of awake time, I thought it was time we introduced more stimulation to her day. Somewhere a bit more engaging than just laying flat in her moses basket, or popped in her bouncer.

Luckily this was perfectly timed with an email from the team at JayceeBaby, who asked if we wanted to try out their 'Perfectly Padded Playmat'. A generously padded and well thought out play surface, which is full of interactive features and added extras. How could we say no?

When it arrived I was surprised at the size of the playmat. It's definitely not you're average circular mat that you can buy! Measuring at 100 x 150cm and 5cm thick, it does take up a lot of room. But, this means it does create a perfectly safe and comfortable play space for little ones. It's thickness is something I am really impressed with, as I know Lilah is comfortable when laying on it (especially when she is so small), and it will create a soft landing for when she starts learning to roll and sit.

A feature I really like about the Perfectly Padded Playmat, is that it is double-sided. One side is aimed more at younger babies, with a softer surface and interactive elements. The other has a firmer surface, and has a design that has been created to encourage speech and imaginative play.

Although Lilah isn't quite ready to take full advantage of the interactive elements, the older two have loved showing them to her, and playing with them themselves. These include different textures and sounds, black and white patterns (which are fab for newborns.), crinkly material and a large mirror. It's a perfect spot to practice tummy time with her as well, as it really is soft and padded!

The mat also comes with a detachable plastic cover which can be popped on (literally!) if you want to use it for messy play or snack time. Even without the cover, the mat is water resistant on both sides, so messes can be cleaned up with ease - another downside of regular playmats. I also think the mat is going to be perfect for using in the garden once the weather warms up, so Lilah has a soft and comfortable place to play away from the grass.

Overall I'm really impressed with the quality of the playmat. It feels well made and luxurious, and you can really see how much thought has gone into it's design. It is on the larger side, however the carry strap means it can be stored away a bit easier - although if you don't have much room in your house, this may not be the playmat for you, so do check measurements first.

You can buy the Perfectly Padded Playmat directly from JayceeBaby, and it currently retails at £65.

A sponsored collaboration with JayceeBaby. However all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Wow this looks amazing! I might have to have a look for when baby boy arrives too as even though we have carpet the ground is just so hard! Love the plastic feature also x


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