Me and Mine Project | January 2018


I'm a little late sharing this post, but I am so excited to be joining in with another year of Me and Mine Project. Especially as this year has started with a rather special addition.. our little Lilah was born on the 14th January and completed our family; our little family of five!

January definitely felt like the longest month (and apparently I wasn't alone in thinking that!). A combination of those last long weeks of pregnancy, and the blur of having a newborn. But it also feels as if Lilah has been part of our family forever. Isn't it funny how that seems to work?

Life as a five has so far felt like a blur - both with the days and with my emotions. It's definitely felt very overwhelming at times. When I'm trying to feed and settle the baby, but then the older two need me.. I feel as if I need to have a million hands. But I know how fast these early weeks go. And I know we'll soon settle into our groove.

Indiana has been such a joy these last few weeks, and is absolutely besotted with her baby sister. She was definitely born to be a big sister, and has proudly told everyone she can about Lilah. She'll help with nappy changes, loves to pick her new sleepsuits, and I've even caught her singing to Lilah when she's been crying. I cannot wait to watch their sisterly bond grow!

Parker has taken the change a little harder, but with him being only 2.5 we did expect it a little bit. He absolutely adores his baby sister too, and is never far from her side. He has become a bit more of a handful as well though; totally understandable as he's lost his 'baby of the family' role. He'll always be my baby boy though, and we're trying to give him as much attention as possible. Fingers crossed he's back to his cheeky little self soon!

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  1. Awww so lovely to see you as family of 5. I couldn't wait to see these. Fab to hear Indiana is settling into being a big sister again x


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