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Me and Mine Project | April 2018


April was an interesting month wasn't it? Freezing cold one minute. Heat wave the next. And it appears we're back to constant rainy days again this week. I can't keep up! We've not let the weather spoil our fun though, as we've had plenty of lovely days out in April.

We started the month celebrating Jacks and our niece Harleighs birthdays - which are actually on the same day! We splashed in the biggest puddles at Knole Park - where this month's photos were taken, ate all the chocolate after a lovely Easter weekend, enjoyed days out at Emmett's Garden, Bewl Water and Chartwell (because National Trust passes are the best when you have little ones!), and ended the month with a fantastic day at Paulson's Park.

Most importantly this month though... I survived the Easter holidays with three little ones at home! Looking after all three was one of the biggest triggers of my anxiety, so although it may seem silly to most, it really did feel like an achievement to me. We got out and about everyday, and I feel we really made the most of those weeks together. And although I am glad to be back to our routine, I do miss having them all home and being about to go wherever we want, without the rush of school pick ups.

Like a lot of parents, April was also the month of school admission offers. I didn't think I was worried about what school Indie was going to attend, until I saw everyone else saying they got their first choices. The wait until 4pm was absolute agony though! We were thrilled (and actually a little shocked) to find out she was accepted to our first choice school; so it all feels a little too real now. How is our little baby girl going to school already?

I'm really hoping the sun comes back to play soon, as it really does make the days so much better (and easier to parent). Especially with two bank holidays in May - I want to get to the beach and enjoying the bluebells!


  1. Ah lovely photos, you all look very happy to be out and about enjoying the fun. I agree bring back the sunshine!!!

  2. Not silly at all lovely, that is an achievement and you totally should feel proud. Oh and I too cannot keep up with the weather it feels like I need to be prepared for everything all the time! Bring on the sunshine xx

  3. Oh I know it's been so warm then so cold it can't make up it's mind. Hopefully summer comes because spring decided to pack it's bags we don't have spring anymore. lol Loving the fun snaps here. Happy May ahead.

  4. These are lovely photos - it sounds like you've had a great month, and having all three at home for the holidays is definitely an achievement! #MeAndMine

  5. Gorgeous photos as always! Well done for smashing those Easter holidays Emily! Let’s hope for some consistent spring weather in May! x

  6. Gorgeous photos and congratulations on getting the first choice for primary! I bet that was a relief :)

  7. Such lovely pics. The first one is my fave, so fun x


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