Me and Mine Project | May 2018


And so we've come to the end of another month. May absolutely whizzed by - most likely helped along by two glorious bank holidays, and half term this last week. It's been such a lovely one though, and I'm actually a little gutted its over! I just hope the sunny weather sticks around for June as well.

With a mini heatwave and the sun finally making an appearance, we managed to get out and about so much in May. We visited a new National Trust spot - Sissinghurst Castle - where this month's Me and Mine pictures were actually taken.

The littles are just so much easier to manage when out for some reason. At home they seem to bicker and squabble over everything, but it's as if they remember how to play together when we go out. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather it was this way around... but I'd prefer if it was this way at home too!

Jack and I also had a lovely date night this month, as my sister offered to babysit while we went to the cinema. I've always said there's not much I miss about life pre-kids. But I think being able to go to the cinema is one of those things. Even if you're not really talking to each other, we love it!

I've not really felt the affects of my PND recently, and I think the better weather is definitely helping. Having Lilah in such a good routine now really helps too. Jack and I have our evenings together again, and that qualty time as a couple is just what we need sometimes. If anything I think our relationship is stronger than ever at the moment. And honestly, life with three little ones is just crazily perfect right now.

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