Me and Mine Project | June 2018


How are we in July already? We're half way through the year. With 6 Me and Mine project photos already captured. And nearly half a year as a family of 5 enjoyed already!

I had big plans for this months photos, but with so much happening in June, we just simply didn't manage it. We took these very casual snaps on our trip on The Spa Valley Railway a few weeks ago. The lighting isn't great, the Littles weren't really feeling it, and I hate how I look in them. But I am so pleased we took them - they capture the moment perfectly (and means we haven't missed a month of family photos).

June saw Jack going away for the weekend for his friend's stag. The big two went off to his parents on the Saturday too, so it was just Me and Lilah for most of the weekend. I thought I'd enjoy the peace and quiet, but honestly, it was waaaaaay too quiet! I missed the laughter and singing that usually fills the house, and the constant background hum of toys or the TV. Of course the second we were all home again, I wanted that little bit of peace back... but I've already made Jack promise to never go away again for that long!

June also started Indie's school adventure, as we had our very first parents evening at her new school. She then had her first taster session too, which was a mixture of exciting and heartbreaking. I honestly cannot believe she's going to be starting school so soon!

We also had some lovely days out during June too. As well as a trip on the Spa Valley train, we enjoyed a gorgeous day out at Nymans, picked strawberries with my sister and her little ones, the big two got bunk beds, aaaaand we have enjoyed garden fun and bbqs during this recent heatwave too. 

I'm hoping July is going to be just as good to us as June was. We have a little holiday in a few weeks, more school visits and Indie's preschool graduation to enjoy, as well as hopefully more glorious sunshine! I'm looking to write up a summer holiday bucket list this month too, so if you have any ideas for what we could add, I'd love you to let me know.

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