Me and Mine Project | July 2018


Of course our family photos for this month just had to be taken in the lavender fields. And despite the littles being afraid of the bees, me being stung by stinging nettles and all of us absolutely melting in the summer sun, I am so pleased with how they turned out - so much so I've actually got two of them printed for the wall already!

I think July 2018 will always be remembered as the month of the crazy heatwave. It couldn't have arrived at a better time either, as we had the most wonderful week away in Dorset earlier in the month. We honestly could have been abroad; the weather was so lovely!

And although we didn't actually do much on our holiday, it was just want we wanted and more. Quality time as a family, watching the littles splash about in the pool and dance at the disco, and snuggling up in our caravan with ice creams was definitely the best way to spend the week. It was lovely to take Lilah swimming for the first time too, and I put Jack to shame when we went crabbing. I'm just sad it was all over so quickly!

I cannot believe we're already a week into the Summer holidays, and the big countdown to Indie starting school! We've put together our summer bucket list, and we have lots of exciting plans for the next few weeks - Parker's birthday, my birthday, two weddings, and a surprise trip to Legoland. 

We're hoping to make it as exciting and special for Indie as possible, as I know it's going to be such a big change for her (and us!) come September. I've scheduled in plenty of down days at home too, as we don't want to run out of fuel too quick - especially as she still naps a few times a week. I just cannot wait to enjoy the next few weeks with my crazy crew!

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. I am sure she will adjust to school life pretty quickly. Right now I am just happy that I don't have to make lunches for another nearly four weeks haha xx #meandmine

  2. Gorgeous photos! I want to visit lavender fields too but slightly worried how it would be with a little baby... We shall see! These are lovely photos though. #meandmine


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