Visiting Mayfield Lavender | July 2018


For the last few years, I've seen the most beautiful lavender field photographs pop up on blogs and social media. Little ones running through the flowers and gorgeous family shots. So of course this year, I made it my goal to get to a lavender field ourselves!

Living in Kent I didn't think there were many around, but after a quick Google I found that Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead, Surrey was the closest to us. It was around a 35-40 minute drive along the motorway, so actually incredibly easy to get to.

We made sure to arrive early as I knew it was going to get busy (we visited on an very sunny Sunday in July), and managed to get into the carpark when we arrived at 10.30am. I'd definitely recommend this though, as not long after this the carpark was closed! Entrance to Mayfield Lavender was £2 for both Jack and I (under 16s are free), and this also included parking.

Despite the vast number of guests, the lavender fields didn't actually feel too overcrowded. There are 25 acres of land to wander through, so plenty of opportunity to get that perfect shot! We aimed for the back of the fields as there were less people there. Most kept to the spots near the shade and cafe, so this is probably the best place to head if you want pictures without other people in the background.

Another bit of advice would be to watch out where you step and crouch. There are hundreds and hundreds of bees buzzing around the lavender, and in the fields in general. There are also stinging nettles hidden amongst the lavender - something we only discovered when I knelt down for a photo and got stung. So definitely keep an eye on your little ones, and be careful yourself too!

As well as there being the beautiful lavender to explore, Mayfield Lavender have a lovely outdoor cafe and a little shop. Prices were pretty high, but I suppose it's similar to a day out at a National Trust property - and the views are stunning! The shop sells all the lavender products (and actual lavender) you can imagine. So it's definitely worth a visit.

You can also hop aboard a tractor trailer for a little tour of the fields, for an extra £2 per person too. Unfortunately it kept breaking down during our visit due to the heat, so the littles were a bit gutted. They soon cheered up with treats from the shop though - I can personally say the chocolate brownie and lavender flapjacks are gorgeous!

I am sooo pleased we made it to the lavender fields this year. We managed to capture some of the most beautiful photographs, and made some lovely memories too. Mayfield Lavender Farm was such a lovely place to visit, and I definitely think we'll be making it a yearly tradition, especially now we know how easy it is to get to.

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