A Trip to Legoland Windsor, August 2018 | Parker's 3rd Birthday


Last week we celebrated our beautiful boy Parker's third birthday, with our very first trip to Legoland Windsor! We collected The Sun tokens (for 2 free tickets) back in May, and booked an extra ticket and priority parking online. We then made sure to head out early, to make sure we arrived with plenty of time.

We arrived around 9.10am to an already busy car park. We are SO glad we paid the extra for priority parking, as it meant we were right next to the entrance - and that we didn't have to walk far back to the car when we left either. Legoland Windsor opens at 9.30am during August, but the actual rides (and certain areas of the park) don't actually open until 10am.

This meant we could have a leisurely stroll through 'The Beginning' and Miniland first, without having to rush to any rides straight away. When we did make it to one of the blocked off areas, it was like cattle in farm - people were all pushing against the gates / rope! I was completely expecting it though, as of course people want to make sure they get to the bigger rides first to avoid the long queues.

We had absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of crowds, and not being able to get on rides though! We visited during the heatwave, so a lot of people were drawn to the Splashpark (located near to Duplo Valley). This meant that the queues for all of the rides were never higher than 60 minutes, and many of them were actually just 5 minute waits! The longest we queued was 25 minutes for Lego Ninjago, which was while Lilah napped anyway.

We managed to ride:

The Dragon
Dragon's Apprentice
Destiny's Bounty
L - Drivers
Scarab Bouncers
Atlantis Submarine Voyage
Duplo Train
Fairy Tale Brook
Duplo Valley Airport
Spinning Spider
Thunder Blazer 
Lego Ninjago The Ride
and we watched the Pirate stunt show

Parent swap was fantastic during our visit, as it meant that we never had to queue twice for anything, and no one missed out either. When Jack took the Littles on a ride where he could only take one at a time, the staff were fantastic with keeping an eye on the other child while they waited. They even let us swap both the adult and the child on the ride without queuing twice too, which was so helpful. So a huge thumbs up for Legoland there!

There are plenty of spots to grab lunch at Legoland, but we were 100% advise taking a picnic, especially if the weather is nice. Food is pricey, and the queues around lunchtime were pretty long as well. We grabbed a spot under the trees by Heartlake City, and managed to watched the fantastic Pirates of Skeleton Bay show while eating our picnic. We also stopped at the Ice Cream Parlour here in the afternoon for ice creams, which gave us a second opportunity to watch the show.

Although most of the queues were in the sun, Legoland have really tried to help parents out. There are free water fountains all over the park (usually located next to bathrooms), as well as FREE factor 50 sun cream to use. And if you want to cool down, the splash zone on Squid Surfers was very refreshing!

We ended the day with a trip to the huuuuuge Lego shop by the entrance of the park. It was absolutely crazy in there, but it was well managed, and the queues were quick. It also stays open 1 hour after the park closes too, so there's no need to worry about missing a visit. It was a perfect way to end the day!

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  1. It sounds like a great day out, my little two really want to visit Legoland but I was worried it would be really busy so good to read it is not always huge queues. What a great way to celebrate his birthday xx


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