The Importance of Taking Time Out


It’s vitally important you take time out for yourself, as a mother, particularly if you’re trying to manage on your own. There’s only so much any one person can take, and we all need to take time out and replenish so that we can be the best mum we can be.

Finding time to replenish can however be challenging, as often our sleep is interrupted, plus we are almost always on call. Unlike having a job, where we can leave our work at the office, being a mum is a full time responsibility - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

After a while it can wear you down, and there’s no shame in that. It’s just important you take some time out for yourself in order to replenish, and live your life. As this way you will be a much better mother for you’ll be more patient, enthusiastic, and let’s face it, less likely to snap.

In an ideal world, you would head off to a luxurious day spa, perhaps even checking in overnight to indulge in adequate rest, relaxation and replenishment… yet, if you don’t have that time luxury, or if this is unaffordable, you can still pamper yourself by blocking out time that is just for you - even if this is a private candlelit bath wish some cucumber for your eyes and an extotically scented bath bomb!

Often, we spend so much time looking for ways to entertain our children with fun days out, we forget that we deserve these too. For instance, you could go to see a show such as the popular musical, Wicked, or indulge in a fancy meal (that doesn’t involve high chairs or chicken nuggets).

Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress, and comes with the added bonus of a natural high in the form of an endorphin rush - meaning you not only look better but, feel better too. If you are feeling particularly tense then there are two approaches, both of which go hand in hand; the first is to do something explosive such as boxing which can really help you get your feelings out of your system. Then, there’s the more holistic mind, body, spirit side to exercise such as yoga, that can be equally helpful in balancing your soul.

It’s healthy to take time out, and whilst some people feel bad, or selfish, for leaving their child whilst they go off to take care of themselves, it’s important to remember this will allow you to be the best mother you can be… and there’s nothing to feel guilty about in taking some time out for yourself!

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