Me and Mine Project | October 2018


I've shared October's Me and Mine photos from the pumpkin patch for the last few years now, so of course this year is no different. Halloween has quickly become a favourite tradition in our family. The littles love our pumpkin picking tradition, and of course we have the big night itself tonight too!

October was a funny month though. Although I cannot believe we're at the end of it, the days seem to pass by quite slowly. Well, apart from half term that is! I loved having my two at home for the week, and although it was full of bickering / arguments / time outs, it was amazing to throw out the routine and get out with my little team.

I feel as if now Indie and Parker are at school most of the week (and then exhausted at the weekend!), we don't do anything fun and spontaneous anymore. We can't just wake up in the mornings and decide to go somewhere - of course we still do on Jack's day off sometimes, but it just doesn't feel right without Indie with us. I'm sure I'll be used to it by the end of this term, but I miss having our little team all together.

We've got lots of exciting things to come over the next few months though. Bonfire night, Indiana's birthday and of course everything Christmas! I absolutely hate the colder weather and dark evenings, but my goodness am I excited to get all cosy and Christmassy again, it's such a special time of the year.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Aw such lovely photos Emily, I love the wheelbarrow, so cute. I am yet to take mine to a pumpkin patch but it looks so lovely. xxx

  2. Love this photos Emily! I find it hard having the girls at school, we no longer get the best of them. Just tired little ones at the end of the day x

  3. I love the wheelbarrow as a prop! Lovely photos and well done for keeping that tradition going of grabbing a pumpkin patch photo. I haven't managed to this year, I meant to. I hope you had a gorgeous November cosying up under blankets

  4. Aww these are so cute- look at little Lilah-pumpkin! I can't believe Halloween was only 3 weeks ago - it seems like it was ages ago and now it's all about Christmas! #MeandMine


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