Me and Mine Project | September 2018


Can you believe we're well into Autumn already? It's definitely my favourite time of the year, with it's crunchy leaves, cooler temperatures and sunny days, and of course Halloween! September was a bit of a crazy one this year though, so I feel as if we've only just settled into the change in seasons.

We're now a few weeks into Indiana being in full-time school, and she is absolutely loving it! We are so, soo relieved that she's settled into school so well. She is so similar to me, and can be incredibly shy. But she's already made lots of new friends, and I've been trying to get to know as many school mums as possible too (which isn't so easy with Parker and Lilah to keep an eye on too).

Parker's days have changed too, as he's now at preschool three full days a week. Although he acts confident and absolutely crazy most of the time, Jack and I both know that he's actually a very shy little boy - especially around adults. He's exhausted at each pick up, but from the state of him (he's either COVERED in paint / gloop / mud), I know he's having loads of fun. I just cannot believe this time next year he'll be at school too!

With the big two at school most of the week now, Lilah is getting so much more attention and quality time with both Jack and I. I think she's still feeling a little lost though, as she's so used to having them around to play with (read: annoy). I do feel as if I actually get more done when they are home though, as they are so good at entertaining her. Now when I try to do jobs around the house, she's crawling at my ankles or crying at the kitchen door... it's tricky!

And as much as I love that they're enjoying school / preschool, and I know they are SO ready to learn more. I really do miss the craziness of a busy house. Especially as I got so used to them all being at home over the summer, and with Indie's slow transition to school. Roll on half term I say!

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