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When you become a parent, looking after yourself definitely becomes the bottom of your priority list - well, it did for me anyway! With three little ones aged 4 and under, I definitely feel a bit of 'me time' and pampering is exactly what I need though. So when The Massage Company invited me along to their new Tunbridge Wells branch, I practically jumped at the chance.

The Massage Company was founded by Charlie Thompson and Elliot Walker, who opened their first centre in Camberley in March 2016. Their vision was to bring high-quality massage to the mainstream, by providing fantastic facilities in convenient locations, and pricing massages at reasonable prices. Regular massage has been proven to help with stress and aid relaxation and recovery. So by providing the above, they can show their customers the positive effects regular massage can have!

The Massage Company's Tunbridge Wells branch, which opened in September 2018, is first UK franchise centre. Located along Monson Road, the centre is open 7 days a week (until 9pm!), and is really easy to get to and find - parking is available at either Monson Road car park (across the road, at a charge), or along the street outside during the evenings.

The centre specialises in a selection of highly targeted treatments for pain relief and relaxation, including Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, sports massage and pregnancy massage. You can also upgrade your massage with a number of treatments including hot stones and aromatherapy.

When I arrived at The Massage Company Tunbridge Wells, I was warmly greeted by Taran (the store owner), and given a consultation form to complete - covering medical history, pressure preferences and letting my therapist known what areas I didn't want touching / what my problem areas were. I was then greeted by my therapist Charlie and taken to the treatment room. The room was quite small and basic, but comfortable and relaxing.

Charlie explained about the upgrades I could have chosen, before starting the massage. I was gifted a deep-tissue massage, and let Charlie know my problem area was my lower back (thanks little ones!), and I have to say, although painful at times, it was incredibly relaxing! Charlie was reassuring too, and asked if the pressure was comfortable at many points throughout the massage.

The treatment beds are heated so I was comfortable and warm at all times, and the calming music and dim lights just added to the relaxing atmosphere. I honestly could have fallen asleep at any moment! I am always a bit skeptical about massage oils with massages too, but the lotions used at The Massage Company smelt fantastic, so that was a big thumbs up from me there.

The Massage Company have tried to create an affordable and convenient membership plan, to ensure massages becomes part of your lifestyle. Introductory sessions are available at £39.95 for your first visit, which I think is fantastic value! After this session you are then offered to sign up to a membership, which gives you one massage a month for £49.95. For me personally, this isn't actually that affordable (three little ones are pretty expensive!), so I don't think I could sign up for a membership at the moment. But I think if you could commit to having a massage each month, then it is actually an affordable way to enjoy them!

I received a deep-tissues massage in exchange for this review. However all opinions are honest and my own.

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