Christmas Gift Guide for Preschoolers | Christmas 2018


I wrote a gift guide for this preschoolers (age 3-4) last year, when Indiana was this age. But I found that list was more obviously more focussed on 'girly' presents. So this year I've created another Christmas gift guide for preschoolers, but with boys in mind a little more (although of course these are all unisex gifts really!). I hope this gives you some inspiration for your 3/4 year old this festive season!

Magformers Magnetic Toys

Parker absolutely loves building and creating, so these sets from Magformers are absolutely perfect for him. Magformers construction sets contain various pieces in simple shapes (triangles, squares, etc), that easily contact by using built-in magnets. The pieces are durable and high quality so will last a long time, and comes in a whole range of designs. The World Adventure set we were set even features motors so the creations can move! I love that these will really get Parker's brain working as he creates shapes and designs. And he can even let his little sister Lilah get involved, as they do 'My First' sets too.

The Untamed by Fingerlings

Ever since Indiana got a Fingerling for her birthday last year, Parker has wanted his very own. The Fingerlings range has expanded though, and The Untamed collection is definitely perfect for Parker. Although these are more aimed at slightly older children, I know Parker will absolutely love this - he's dinosaur and Fingerlings obsessed! And what 3 year old boy doesn't love a toy that farts?

Each Untamed Fingerlings character has 2 modes - tamed and untamed - and depending on the mode, the same actions get very different reactions. In tamed mode they Untamed is your friend, however if you switch to the untamed mode they will become ferocious!

Pretend To Bee Dressing Up Sets

We have a huuuuge collection of dressing up, and it's something both littles have loved to do a this age. Pretend To Bee have a fantastic range of dressing up outfits and accessories, including characters, role play fancy dress, and outfits for babies. This Fox Accessories set is so lovely and well made, and I know Parker is going to love pretending to be a scary fox!

Milly & Flynn Gruffalo Snakes and Ladders

Now Parker is a little older, we've started introducing simple games and activities to him. This beautiful Gruffalo Snakes and Ladders game, from Milly & Flynn, is not only a fun game but really lovely to look at too. Little ones can choose from four of the characters from the story by Julia Donaldson, and race their way to the finish line hoping to avoid the snakes.

Where Next, Teddy? - Chapterful Personalised Children's Book

Books are a gift that will never be outgrown, and can be enjoyed from years to come. Where next, Teddy? is a lovely personalised story from Chapterful. Before ordering you can edit the character so that they look like your child, and then they appear throughout the entire story. The illustrations are beautifully done, and I really think the character looks like Parker! 

Totes Isotoner Slipper Socks

I always like to add practical gifts to the littles stockings, so these cute and cosy slipper socks from Totes Isotoner are a perfect addition this year. Made with their signature slip-resistant tread, they are great for popping on in the morning or with pjs. Parker isn't so keen on slippers, so these are a great alternative too.

Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers

Like a lot of preschoolers Parker loves watching surprise gift openings on Youtube. There are so many great options available now, and I know he is going to absolutely love this Crate Creatures Surprise Basher in his stocking! Apart from the excitement of seeing who you've got, the creature makes gross sounds, and you can launch them and bash them by pulling their tongue. A perfect toy for a preschooler for sure!

Scootaheadz - Timmy T-Rex

At 3 Parker is now an absolute pro on his scooter (a gift I would definitely recommend for a preschooler for Christmas, if they don't already have one). As he spends so much time on it, I thought accessorising it would be a fun idea. Scootaheadz’s offer a range of funky animal buddies (including a t-rex, shark, horse and unicorn), that have been designed to attach to a scooter’s T-bar. Parker absolutely loves his dinosaur friend, and loves scooting along roaring with pride now!

This guide contains items I have been gifted in exchange for being featured. However all opinions are honest and my own.

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