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If you've followed my blog for a while, then you'll know just how much we love books and reading in our household. The Littles have a large collection of stories, and I'm always on the lookout for more! What we don't have though, is a huge amount of space to keep their books. So when I was contacted by Mumsnet, and asked if I wanted to review Moonlite - which combines traditional storybooks with modern technology - I of course said yes!

Moonlite is a special storybook projector, that easily attaches to almost any smart phone or tablet, and then uses the torch to project story images onto the ceiling or wall (or any surface really!). It was created by mother and former Google employee Natalie Rebot, who was inspired by her daughters love of shadow puppets before bed. She launched her initial concept on Kickstarter, and it has now gone on to be a huge success!

We received the Moonlite Fairytale Gift Pack, which contains the projector and 5 fairytale story reels (as well as simple instructions for use). My two absolutely love traditional fairytales, so this pack was perfect for us. Parker (3) quickly chose the Jack and the Beanstalk story, so while the Littles were brushing their teeth I got the story ready. Using Moonlite really was so simple, and it took me just a few minutes to set up!

There are 4 simple steps to follow -

1. Download the Moonlite App (for free!) from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Pick your story and add the reel into the Moonlite projector.

3. Open up the App and go through the set up (you'll find the activation code in the box with the reels), until you reach the alignment screen.

4. Attach the Moonlite projector to your phone - this is where you use the alignment screen on the app to guide you, but it's really as simple as lining up the cross on the projector to the cross on the screen! The app will also show you how to adjust the clarity of the projected images too.

With the projector set up I simply chose the correct story on the app, and we were ready to go. The second I clicked the story, the app really came to life! As well as the image appearing on the wall, the app shows the story so you can read along - clearly showing where you are meant to turn the projector wheel to view the next image. The experience is extra magical as the app plays background music, and some words in the story can be tapped to play sound effects too! My two especially loved this feature, as they really felt like they were getting involved in the story.

When Moonlite first arrived, myself and Jack both admitted we weren't sure what to expect. But since using it, we both agree just how lovely and special it makes reading with the littles. The images and sounds make the experience so immersive and magical, and Indie and Parker both love getting involved by turning the projector or pressing the words. I do think it could become an expensive way of enjoying books (story reels are £7.99 each), but they would be perfect gifts to receive, to build up your collection!

Moonlite is aimed at children aged 1-7, but I think it would be enjoyed by both younger and older audiences - especially together as a family. It was not created as a replacement for traditional storybooks, but as a truly unique way of storytelling, to inspires your child’s imagination! It is available to buy at many retailers including Argos. The Gift Pack (which includes 5 stories and the projector) retails at £39.99, and a Starter Pack (which includes 2 stories and the projector) retails at £19.99.

This post is in collaboration with Moonlite and Mumsnet. However all opinions are honest and my own.

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