10 Goals for 2019


I'm not exactly starting out the new year very well, as I'm only just talking about my goals for 2019, 9 days in... but better let than never I always say! I am so excited for the year ahead already. With Lilah's first birthday just a few days away, some exciting holidays planned, and of course all of the special holidays that happen each year to look forward to. Anything extra is just going to be a lovely bonus!

After reading similar posts on other blogs, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of goals that I'd love to achieve over the next 12 months. Nothing too extreme - I am still a mama of three without too much free time! But things I'd love to do both personally and with my blog and youtube. 

I am so excited to hopefully tick off all 10 goals by this time next year. Especially when it comes to my personal goals! I'm not feeling too hopeful about a few of them (Instagram is bloody hard work!), but here's to an amazing 2019.


  1. Good luck with your goals for the year ahead, hope you all have a lovely 2019 x

  2. Love your list, it's realistic and very relatable for me! Especially the date night part. Good luck!

  3. I'm still writing mine too, I want to make more use of our National Trust cards this year too, I feel that they have been wasted last year unfortunately. Good luck with your goals


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