Our Year, 2018


Happy New Year, and hello 2019!

I'm pretty sure I've said this in every round up post over the years, but where on earth did the last year go? With three little ones now (and two of those at school / preschool), days seems to pass me by within minutes. So it's honestly no wonder 2018 feels as if it went in a flash!

I love sharing my little review of the year on my blog - you can read 2015, 2016 and 2017 posts here - so it wouldn't feel right to start the new year without sharing the same this year too. 2018 was a big year for us!

January started with the big waiting game for our baby girl. I always thought she was going to be late, but she surprised us by arriving on her due date, the 14th January. Lilah's birth was a perfect whirlwind, and we were home with our 9lb 7oz of squish within just a few hours. Life as a family of 5 had begun!

Parker also started attending preschool this month too. After seeing Indiana go nearly every day, he was SO excited to get go with her, and he settled in really well. It was only a few mornings to begin with (he was only 2.5), but I think it really helped with the transition to full days come September.


February was a pretty quiet month. Not only because we were settling into our new routine as a family of five, but because of the crazy snow! I know soo many people loved it, but for me it was absolutely awful. With three little ones aged 4 and under, Jack working all hours (he had to cover other shifts) and no way of getting out, I really thinks it's one of the factors that lead to my mental healths downwards spiral.


And so came March, and my postnatal depression diagnosis. I knew something was wrong at the end of February, so I took myself to the doctors and started on antidepressants and signed up to online CBT. It was an incredibly hard month, but made so much easier by the support of my friends and family. Jack was my absolute rock, and I know I couldn't have done it without him!

The golden light in my very dark tunnel though, was our family holiday to Disneyland Paris. It was just what we all needed after a tough time, and the holiday we had been dreaming of for months. It was the most magical few days, and we loved it so much we've already booked to go back again this year!


With the sun finally shining we managed to get out and about as much as possible in April. We reviewed some fab toys including this water table from Little Tikes. It was played with throughout the whole of Spring and Summer, and I know it's going to be just as loved this year too. We also had a little trip down to Southampton to review Peppa Pig World too. It really is such a fab place to take little ones, and we had a fantastic time!

We also celebrated two birthdays in April, although both happen to fall on the same day! Jack turned 26 and we our niece Harleigh turned 1. The year before I was my sister's birth partner, so it was lovely to be able to spend the day with both of the special people in my life.


May brought along a Bank Holiday weekend, as well as a lovely little heatwave. We of course made our annual trip to the woods to hunt down the bluebells, and we hosted our very first family bbq this month too.

Lilah also started those first big steps to being on the move too, by learning to roll in May. Of course it was incredibly exciting, but every milestone she has reached this year has felt so bittersweet. Every first is a last, and she grew up oh so quickly!

June was an exciting month for Indie and Parker, as we gave their room a little makeover! Jack and I did a bit of DIY and turned the Ikea Kura bed into a bunk bed (perfect for two little ones), and finally hung up their bunting and pictures on the walls.

Jack surprised the littles this month with a trip on the steam train too, which was such a lovely little morning out. As it was Father's Day weekend we also had the loveliest lunch at one of our favourite pubs (a fab discovery we made this year!).


The heatwave continued into June, and so did our adventures! We finally made it to Mayfield Lavender, and captured some of my favourite ever photos in the lavender fields. We also had our second holiday of the year, this time a mid-week caravan getaway at Rockley Park in Poole. Lilah went swimming for the first time, we had the most amazing day at the beach, and we got caught up in the hype of the World Cup. It was honestly the best holiday!

Our beautiful Lilah also turned 6 months old this month, and so weaning began. Even though this was only a few months ago it's already crazy to think of her being this small. She had just popped her first tooth too - now she has 10!


August saw our cheeky little Parker turn 3, with a family bbq (that turned into an indoor picnic due to rain!) and a trip to Legoland Windsor to celebrate. I also celebrated my 25th birthday with the loveliest day out to Sissinghurst Castle, followed by fish and chips on the beach with friends. It was honestly perfect!

We then spent the rest of the summer holidays enjoying lazy days at home, little trips out, and preparing for our big girl to start school in September. Amongst all of the holiday fun we also attended two weddings (where Jack was Best Man at both, Indiana was Flower Girl at both, and Parker was a Page Boy at one). Both were beautiful days, and probably some of my favourite memories of the Summer holidays!

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September was a big month for our biggest girly as Indiana started school! Neither Jack or I had any worries about how she would settle in, as really she had been ready for a loooong time. The first few weeks were tough though, as we adjusted to school runs, half days and no more naps. But she settled in incredibly well, and already has lots of friends in her class and year group.


October is always one of my favourite months; I really have a thing for Autumn days! Jack and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on the 2nd, and then the rest of the month was filled with all things pumpkin and halloween related. We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch - this time taking our own little pumpkin along for a visit. And had three scary little ones dressed up for Halloween (although only the big two went trick-or-treating, as teething was also a big part of the month!).


We met up with our lovely friends Harriet and Josh again at the beginning of the month, this time for fireworks and food - the best combination right? And then it was another birthday to celebrate - this time Indiana's 5th! As it was her first birthday at school we decided to throw her a whole class party, which was crazily stressful, but totally worth it.

Blog-wise I worked with some fantastic companies this month, including Boot's Miniclub, shopDisney, Ergobaby, and of course all of the brands that worked with me on my Christmas gift guides. I am so proud of my blog and our youtube channel, and I'm always blown away when companies want to work with little old me!


What a wonderful month December was, full of the magic and excitement of Christmas. It was Lilah's first, and it was extra magical to watch her experience it all for the first time. The tree of course suffered, but she was mesmerised by the lights and loved the unwrapping of presents (and mountain of boxes!) on Christmas Day.

There were firsts for both of the big two this year as well, with Parker getting to go ice skating and taking Indie to her first pantomime. Not forgetting the nativities they both performed, which were on a whole new level of cute. Each Christmas just keeps getting better as they grow, and I already cannot wait for this year's!

Looking back 2018 really was a wonderful year. Of course it had it's highs and some incredible lows too, but I know I finished the year feeling completely #hashtagblessed. I am so, so pleased I also managed to complete another year of Siblings and Me and Mine project posts this year. The pictures are so lovely to look back on, and they really capture the year as well as our family at that moment!

I want to make sure that 2019 is just as exciting, and I think it's already looking to be just that! In a few weeks our baby girl will turn one, we have a couple of holidays planned (including heading back to Disneyland Paris), and little Parker will be joining Indie at big school. Bring it on!

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  1. It sounds like you all had a brilliant 2018, I hope 2019 is a lovely year for you too x

  2. Sounds like it was a great 2018. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year

  3. What a lovely round up, we had a January birth too to start the year off and we have planned Disneyland Paris for a holiday this year so will be looking at your post for some tips for when we go!

  4. What a year you've had! I'm glad you ended feeling much better than you did near the beginning. I can't believe Parker and Gabe will be starting school this year, it feels like they were just born!

  5. SO many lovely photos, your kids are so photogenic! Thanks for linking up with #ShareYourYear and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year!


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