How to Find the Best Babymoon Destination


Pregnancy is the most incredible journey, but having had three babies myself, I know first hand just how exhausting and difficult those 9 months can be. From the moment you get that positive test most of your focus goes directly to the well-being of your unborn child. Making sure you're eating the right things, taking the right supplements, and of course thinking about of the things that you need to buy too.

But as important as all of these things are, you cannot forget just how important taking care of yourself is too. You need to find time to relax and enjoy those precious moments in pregnancy - switching off in the bath of an evening was the best way for me to enjoy those kicks and rolls! And of course if this is your first baby, you need to enjoy time with your partner just the two of you, before you become a three. It's for reasons like this why it's not wonder there has been a 52% increase in online searches for babymoons over the last 3 years.

A babymoon is a great opportunity to get away on holiday before the baby comes. Whether this be a romantic or relaxing break with your partner, or simply time to enjoy yourself with friends or on your own. I enjoyed a babymoon during each of my pregnancies, and so did many of my fellow bloggers.

Lianne visited the Lake District for a few days to enjoy spa days and fine dining meals - making the most of the time she had before her baby arrived. Emma also decided to babymoon in the UK, enjoying the sea air and delicious treats of Cornwall. And although she had SPD and was on crutches, she loved getting away and enjoying time with her husband.

Leona travelled to Oman when she was four month pregnant, which is a perfect destination during pregnancy as it's Zika free, and already serving plenty of alcohol-free cocktails. And Emma enjoyed time in Crete relaxing, sightseeing and spending quality time with her partner - the last time she felt well and truly rested!

If you've considered a babymoon but are struggling to decide where or when to travel, then why not check out Loveholidays Babymoon Finder? The team at Loveholidays have created the handy online tool, to help you choose a babymoon destination based around your due date, travel length and what type of holiday you're looking for. The unique tool then helps guide you to a range of holiday options that are suitable - how fab is that?

A babymoon may not be for everyone, but I honestly think they are just as important during your pregnancy as preparing the nursery! Finding the time to relax, enjoy quality time with loved ones, and focus on you and your growing bump. Bliss!

Did you go on a babymoon? Where did you go?

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  1. We went to Robin Hoods Bay in Whitby. It was a liittle tiny quiet cottage and we did lots of resting and being together. No big flight to deal with or heat just lots of lovely togetherness


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