Me and Mine Project | March 2019


I'm pretty sure I've said these words in every single Me and Mine post, but I cannot believe we're another month down already! March absolutely whizzed by, and definitely went out with a bang as Mother's Day fell on the last day of the month this year.

The month didn't get off to the best start, as the littles were struck down with sickness bugs and hand, foot and mouth. But I'm just hoping that we've now got all the bugs out of the way, so the warmer months will be illness free (fingers crossed!). We had lots of fun and memorable moments during March illnesses aside though. We flew a kite for the very first time, Jack ran his half marathon for Tommy's in an amazing time, and the big two had such fantastic school reports. The sun also came out long enough to get the garden ready for the summer!

We took this month's Me and Mine project photos on a lovely Mother's Day walk. I was treated to breakfast in bed, beautiful handmade cards from the littles, and even managed a relaxing bubble bath before heading out for a pub lunch. Getting a picture of the 5 of us is getting trickier ever month, and these one took far too long to capture. But my goodness am I glad we take the time to capture these photos, as they are my favourite to look back on!

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