Me and Mine Project | April 2019


Well wasn't April the most wonderful month? We celebrated Jack's birthday at the very beginning of the month, had a fantastic family holiday to Somerset, enjoyed the sunny bank holiday, and ate allll the chocolate over Easter. It was so lovely to spend so much time with my little team, especially now Lilah is on the move so much - 3 children is a lot to chase after by yourself!

We managed to capture so many family snaps while on holiday, so I thought I'd share them all for this month's Me and Mine post. We had plenty of people around to take the photo for us instead of setting up a tripod, so I definitely made the most of it... I don't think the littles or Jack were quite as thrilled as I was though!

We ended April with the excitement of school placements for Parker. Thankfully we didn't have as much stress as we did with Indie last year, and he got into the same school as her no problem. He already cannot wait to go, and although he's going to be one of the youngest in his year (turning 4 only a few weeks before starting), we know he's going to thrive there. I just cannot believe the time has come for school for him already. Those first few years really do just fly by don't they?

After a busy April (and an even busier June to come), we're planning on having a quiet May... well, as quiet as you can with three children, birthday parties, ballet and day-to-day life to fit in! 

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