Me and Mine Project | May 2019


I almost completely forgot about this month's Me and Mine project post.. this month has just gone SO quickly! There was no time for any fancy family snaps on our DSLR either, so this month's photos are grainy iPhone ones from the very end of May. But any family photo is better than none, and I know I'll look back on these and remember the lovely day we had (that included scooters, ice creams and Lilah's first little grazed knee).

May was a busy month for us though, with two bank holidays, half term, and a few special moments for our family. Firstly our new furry little family member came home - Belle has settled in so well and all of the children love her (even if it's a little bit too much sometimes). Indiana also lost her very first tooth this month, meaning her first visit from the tooth fairy too!

We have ended the month full of excitement for our upcoming holiday. The littles still have absolutely no idea that we are off to Disneyland Paris, despite the extra Disney clothing and dressing up costumes appearing (and then disappearing once the suitcases were out)... I am practically bursting with excitement to tell them, and think I'm probably the most excited out of all of us to go. So be prepared for next month's Me and Mine photos to be Disney related!

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