Me and Mine Project | June 2019


Wow, what a month June was! We started the month with our magical trip to Disneyland Paris, and ended it with a whirlwind trip to Alton Towers. It's been crazily busy and super exhausting, but I do kind of wish every month was this exciting... we've just had so much fun as a family!

I honestly cannot believe how many family photos we managed to get while in Disney (there are a number I haven't even added to this post), but I love everyone of them. We've definitely got better at asking strangers to take family snaps, and the Disney Photopass meant we could all jump in photos with the characters too. Although you can probably tell the problem we're having with Lilah at the moment... she reaaaaally doesn't like strangers!

Of course June wasn't just about holidays though. Jack and I celebrated our 'datingaversary', as this month marked 7 years of us being together. Indiana finally lost her second wobbly tooth (which she accidentally swallowed.. whoops), and Lilah has become an explosion of new words. And our beautiful boy Parker had his very first school settling in session! It's amazing what you can fit into 30 days isn't it?

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