Me and Mine Project | July 2019


A few days late and with grainy iPhone selfie snaps, but I couldn't miss out on July's Me and Mine Project post. July was an exciting month with so much going on, and it of course ended with two very big occasions. Indiana competed her first year of school and Parker graduated from Preschool! Lilah also turned 18 months old which seems like a milestone in itself, where did our baby go?

July also marked the start of the loooong Summer holidays. Although ours unfortunately didn't get off to the best of starts. With all of us being unwell and the heatwave actually keeping us inside (anyone else not a lover of the heat?), it's felt like we've been on them for 2 months, let alone less than 2 weeks. Of course we're loving the lazy mornings and slower days, but I'm finding some days to be quite tough. The big two are constantly bickering, they're eating everything in site, and my goodness is it impossible to get anything done. But it can only go up from here right?

We have another exciting month ahead though, with birthdays, a few special trips planned, and of course lots of moments like these. So here's to surviving the rest of the Summer holidays, and an amazing August!

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