Me and Mine Project | August 2019


I am incredibly late with this post, but with Indiana back at school and Parker starting this week, I feel like normality has resumed a little bit. Although with that in mind, I feel as if the madness of the Summer Holidays were a lifetime ago already, even though it was only last week!

August was a month of absolute highs and incredible lows for us as a family. We celebrated Parker turning 4 with his first birthday party with friends, plus an amazing day out at Chessington World of Adventures. We also spent my birthday as a family at Colchester Zoo, which I hope to write about soon as it amazing, one of the best zoos we've ever been too! We ticked off everything on our Summer Bucket List apart from visiting the lavender fields (we ran out of time!) too, which made for lots of super fun summer memories.

August was also filled with incredible sadness for us as a family though, as on the 19th we lost my amazing nan. She was such an incredible woman, and the littles absolutely loved their great nanny, so it has been (and still is) a very difficult time. The littles have taken the news really well though, and know that nanny is watching them in the stars now.

The summer holidays meant we actually got plenty of family photos this month - although most are grainy selfies! All of them bring back fun memories though, from watching a film at the outdoor cinema, exploring a local NT property and getting lost in the maize maze. It was chaotic, crazy and stressful at times, but I do already kind of miss them all being at home. So here's to the next half term holidays!

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