Me and Mine Project | September 2019


As I was so late with last month's Me and Mine post, it really does feel like yesterday I was talking about August. But now September is at an end, and Autumn really is well upon us. It's gone so quickly I almost forgot that we needed to snap a family picture, so these were taken on Saturday in the middle of our woodland walk - and what you probably wouldn't guess is that my phone was actually propped up on a tree stump on self timer. They turned out perfectly though and are my new favourites!

We are now well into the swing of school, weekend activities and trying to enjoy the small amount of family time that's left. Parker is absolutely loving school though, and has settled into his new routine, class and teacher really well. It has been a slightly different experience from Indie's last year, but I have to keep reminding myself that he has only just turned 4 and we'll get there eventually.

Indiana is absolutely thriving; she has already gone up 2 reading levels in just a few weeks, and is buzzing with all the new things she is learning in year one. She could probably burst with excitement for her birthday (in November) too, so I must get planning a little party for her!

With the older two at school most of the week now, it's given me and Lilah so much more quality time together. Something I am enjoying so, so much.. especially as she's our last baby! She's 20 months now which is such a fun and exciting age. At this age with Indie I had just had Parker, and when Parker was this age I was already pregnant with Lilah - so I feel like I can really enjoy it this time around.. tantrums and all!

As a family we have lots of exciting moments to come over the next few weeks too. Jack has been working so much recently, so I cannot wait for him to have a week off over October half term. We plan on visiting lots of National Trust Halloween trails, picking pumpkins and just enjoying lazy mornings and snuggly evenings together. We're also celebrating our wedding anniversary on the 2nd - 4 years married and it still seems like yesterday!

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