Me and Mine Project | October 2019


I'm technically cheating with October's Me and Mine Project post, as I'm actually writing this in December... despite having the pictures taken, I must have forgotten to actually write up the post. Whoops! I didn't want to miss a month though, so I thought I'd sneakily write this up and backdate the post. 

October is always a special one for us as it's our wedding anniversary on the 2nd. We celebrated 4 years this year, and Jack absolutely smashed his traditional gift. We had a lovely day just the two of us - afternoon tea, dinner and cocktails and a full nights sleep... bliss! The rest of the month was pretty much wet and miserable; I think we all wore wellies for nearly every school run and day out. Thankfully it didn't put too much of a dampener on our half term though, as Jack was actually home for the week!

We definitely made the most of Jack's week off though. Indiana and I went to a slumber party with the princesses, we did a Halloween trail with friends at Scotney Castle, enjoyed Halloween at both Kent Life and Godstone Farm, and of course went on our annual pumpkin picking trip with our lovely friends Harriet, Josh and the little ones. Jack also managed to have Halloween day off too, so we got to take the littles out Trick or Treating properly for the first time. Parker went to his first little Halloween party with school friends, so although he didn't come out with us, I'm so glad he's made a group of little friends already!

Spending so much time as a family was definitely the best part of October. Of course by the end of the week we were definitely all done with each others company, but I am already so so soo excited to enjoy the Christmas holidays together as a family in December.

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