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We have been huge Hatchimals fans in our house ever since the first series was released, so when we were asked to review the new CollEGGtibles Royal Snow Ball Jewellery Box Dozen, Indiana was over the moon! The Royal Snow Ball (and Royal Hatch) figures are from collection 6 and 6.5, where there are over a dozen new characters to discover and hatch. 

What you Get

We received the CollEGGtibles Royal Snow Ball Jewellery Box Dozen, which contains 12 figures inside a sparkly glitter 'egg-box' style container. Two of the figures are eggless (and are exclusive Fluffy Kittycans), and then there are 10 different eggs to hatch and discover. You will also find a helpful collector sheet inside too, to help you see what your Hatchimals are called.

There are four different types of CollEGGtibles you can hatch - Common, Royal Rare, Ultra Rare and Limited Edition. You can easily spot what type you have in your box by the colour and design on the egg, although Indie prefers to have a surprise and doesn't check the collector sheet until the end.

The extra special part of the Royal Snow Ball collection, is that each egg also has a hidden accessory inside too! You can get your characters ready for the Royal Snow Ball with crowns, tutus, snowmen, and even little hats. These can then be mix and matched between all of the Hatchimals you have hatched. How cute! 

How to Open your Hatchimal Eggs

Opening your Hatchimals CollEGGtibles is so so easy (and actually lots of fun too!). To start hatching all you need to do is hold your egg gently, and then rub the purple heart until it turns pink.

This will help soften the shell, so you can then gently press down to crack the shell to reveal who you've hatched! 

You can then peel away the rest of the shell until you are left with just the bottom, which can then be used as a little home for your Hatchimal. Just make sure to remove all of the peeled shell before play.

You can then go through the collector sheet to see which of the Hatchimal characters you have hatched. There's even a handy tick box next to each one so you can keep track of your collection. The Jewellery Box Dozen we received retails at around £24.99, but it is a great way to start your collection. You can also purchase individual packs, multipacks and more accessories.

The thing I love most about the Royal Snow Ball Jewellery Box Dozen, is that the fun doesn't just stop once the eggs are hatched. The box itself can actually be used for play and storage! Your Hatchimals can be kept in the egg carton, and then you can lift this to reveal a secret compartment for the accessories. The bits are quite small and fiddly, so hopefully this would be a way to stop anything getting lost.

We received this item in exchange for our review. However all opinions are honest and my own.

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